Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Japanese Localization

We have the next release of Xslimmer ready to be delivered. We have been waiting for our localizers, who have diligently worked on the translations for French, Italian, Dutch and so on. For this next release we have included German. As each localization has been finished, we have prepared and tested the geometry to ensure that all localized versions of Xslimmer do look as good as the original English version. There is one missing, though.

Unfortunately, our Japanese translator is unable to comply with our request at this moment, so we need someone else to do the job of translating Xslimmer 1.5 to Japanese. If any of you are able to, or know of someone who could help us, we would be most grateful, and we could ensure a prompt release of Xslimmer 1.5. To contact us, use our web form. Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

hi there, this comment has to do with your sketches.app. I am very interested in jailbroken ipod touch, but am very sad there is no sketch program out there besides sketches, which is nothing compared to VSPainter for windows mobile 6.0 devices such as HP iPAQs. (Do look up vspainter, it has TONS of features including tons of colours (64000)

Anonymous said...

basically what im saying is can you develop something stronger to the likes of vspainter that can be run on a jailbroken ipod touch? thanks!!!