Monday, April 21, 2008

Server down :(

I regret to inform you that our web server is currently down. It started responding very slowly a few hours ago, and not at all some time after that. We've asked our service provider to reboot our server (it's a dedicated one), but they have just found a hardware fault in one of the hard drives and are working on a fix or replacement.

This affects the Xslimmer and Sketches web sites, as well as the remote Xslimmer license retrieval feature we released yesterday. We beg your patience and understanding while the problem lasts.

Our services had been 100% available for the past 250 days, even through a change of IP addresses. Jorge and myself had been planning to set up a second server in a different service provider as an emergency backup solution. Unfortunately, we didn't do it in time.

We'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your patience.

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