Friday, April 27, 2007

Big thanks for all comments about Xslimmer 1.2.3

As you probably have seen, we have released Xslimmer 1.2.3 some days ago. We wanted to thank you on all the comments we received, both public and private, about the beta version.

We hope to have included the best options based on your comments. For example, we made sorting headers optional. They are accessible through the main window via the gear button. We also used the 1.2.2 icons for Stop and Clear, and definitely took out the dividers. You can check the full release notes here:

We hope you keep enjoying Xslimmer.


Jonathan said...

Good work. Great release.

Daniel said...

love it!

Debbi said...

I'm still waiting for a license number to be e-mailed to me. I paid for the shareware almost 24 hours ago. Is this unusual? I've checked my spam folder, of course. Not there. Not anywhere. Your product came highly recommended and I'd love to use it. I contacted you last night via your web form and still have not received a reply, so I thought I would go this route.