Thursday, April 05, 2007

Xslimmer 1.2.3 Beta Updated / Design Poll

So far, no bugs have been detected, but we have updated Xslimmer 1.2.3 beta in order to reflect some suggestions from different testers, along with some other minor changes in Localization and blacklist. You can download it here: Xslimmer 1.2.3b3 download.

In addition, we would like to hear which of the following designs you prefer:

(Current Xslimmer, 1.2.2)

(Xslimmer 1.2.3 b2)

(Xslimmer 1.2.3 b3)

As you can see, the main change is the existance of the headers, which will allow sorting the apps by the criteria of your choice, including number of languages or architecture type, along with the existence of column dividers (which do not add any functionality itself). Any thoughts, really appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I like the icons from 1.2.2 a ton better than these new ones, they're more simple and clean, and just as easy to interpret.

louiemantia said...

Wow! Those new progress bars look great! :P

Anonymous said...

What I like best is definitely the progress bars from the old version, the new ones are boring. The idea with sorting colums is very necessary, but this makes it look not as interesting, with a table-like structure.
hard to explain, but keep the functionality of columnsorting along with the 1.2.2 look please!

Anonymous said...

I like the 1.2.3 b2 the best, but could there be icon packs? I like the 1.2.2 Stop and Clear icons better, but understand if they're not for everyone. I think b2 looks nicer than b3 because there is less wasted/empty space between columns and there are the vertical bars separating the columns.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment, the stop and clear buttons from 1.2.2 are def. better. maybe you should make the sorting bar a preference instead of putting it on the window. I think that would look cleaner.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the b3, the lines don't ad anything, however ik may be nice to have an option to customize the toolbar back to the old icons.

Conlan said...

I prefer the b3 look best. I like the icons better (although the brush could probably be improved somehow), the sorting columns are great, and there's no need for the lines between the columns. And be careful not to get bogged down with too many preferences. Also, just bought my license after months of hearing goreat things. Keep up the good work!

Jorge said...

Thank you all for the comments. Finally, we have built a system that enables you to select if you want the sorting headers or not. That way, by default, Xslimmer 1.2.3 will look very similar to 1.2.2, but you have the choice to enable the headers if you want. We shall take out the dividers in any case, as everyone seems to agree on this matter.

On the icons, we shall revert to 1.2.2 versions for the Stop and Clear. To one of the anonymous posters: you can already customize Xslimmer's toolbar if you want.

On the status of the release: Right now we are waiting for Localizers to provide us the new strings, which is taking longer than initially expected. We shall publish it as soon as we have this.