Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Version Design

We have finished the version 1.1.x roadmap. It is time to move on to 1.2. As you probably know, 1.2 shall include app language stripping capabilities. This means that many parts of the Xslimmer app will have to be adapted or even rewritten.

The most obvious change will be the main window. How do we indicate that an app has multiple languages? should we show what the final language will be? what happens after the language stripping has been done? But, most importantly, how do we combine both features into one single application and make sure that it is still attractive and easy to use?

Then you have the history or log information. The operation needs to be reflected in there, and in a compatible way with the current existing slim log.

Blacklist. Does it need to change? Will apps behave in equal manner when stripped from languages than when stripped from architectures? There is some testing to do.

These and many more details, are our current thoughts on making 1.2. It will take a few weeks, and a new beta test to get it out, but, as we are in the design phase this week, it would be great to hear any ideas you might want to see included in this or other future versions.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

MacWorld Ends While We Release

After a week in which all attention was concentrated in San Francisco, things start to get back to normal. Hopefully, next year we will be able to participate. I am really looking forward to that, and, by that time, the iPhone should already be available.

Meanwhile, we did release Xslimmer 1.1.7. It would be great to hear opinions on the GUI changes. We were concerned that making the drop window disappear, making the main window the drop area, would not be something our user would like. We believe this change simplifies usage of the application, while it provides us with the flexibility to include new features in an easier way.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Xslimmer in 2007

First of all, we wanted to wish you a very happy new year. After a few days of rest, we now retake Xslimmer's roadmap.

We are now finishing v1.1.7, which will bring some changes to the GUI, along with some other features. These changes to the GUI are necessary in order to incorporate the anticipated language stripping feature which we are already working on. Also, it will allow us to add other features in a simple way, like using a dialog to add folders or apps, without having to drag them.

Appart from the new features, from my point of view the most important change in 1.1.7 is that we take out the little drop window. Of course, you will be able to drag apps to main app window, as you are today, and we have built

Next is localization. In 2 ways: first, adding language localizations to Xslimmer, and then the previously mentioned language stripping. In 1.1.8 we intend to include at least one localization, along with some requested features like history purging.

It is version 1.2 that will feature the new stripping function.

We have many other features in our roadmap, but we are not going reveal them all yet.

We are, of course, open to new features requests from our customers. Just click here to send as any ideas you would like to see implemented in Xslimmer.