Friday, December 10, 2010

Announcing Lab for iOS

It is been a while since I last posted here. I am happy to do so to announce our newest product, Lab. Lab is an app that I wanted. I found myself often wondering when and where this or that picture on my iPhone was taken. So, now, using Lab, you can get detailed information about the picture in your iOS device's photo library. That way, you don't need to transfer your photos to a computer to find out details about your own photo library. Sporting a gorgeous design, Lab is the perfect complement to your iOS device's photo album. Using Lab you can:

  • Find out the resolution and size of your photos.

  • Let Lab remind you when and where a picture was shot. The location, when available, will be displayed for you in a map.

  • Examine advanced info including histogram, exposure and shooting details, right in your device.


Lab 1.0 is available now for iOS 4 in the App Store. If you like to take photos, give it a try for just $0.99. We hope you like it.