Thursday, November 22, 2007

Xslimmer is one year old

Xslimmer is one year old. During its first year of existence, Xslimmer has evolved a lot, and has gained quite a lot of friends. It has been downloaded, directly from our site, more than 150.000 times, we have answered more than 1.500 emails and a quite a few people have even bought the product.

It has been your support what has kept us coding, evolving Xslimmer. Your nice comments, suggestions, questions, purchases and even your demands have encouraged us to keep on working and trying to improve. We have put a lot of effort trying to make our software the best we possibly can, and it is really encouraging to see people realize it and appreciate it.

To all of you, thank you very much!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sketches 0.4 beta 2 released

We have just released a minor revision of Sketches, our native iPhone app. We have removed a dependency with a dynamic library (libarmfp.dylib) that we took for granted, but was in fact installed by the BSD Package. This prevents new users from experiencing crashes when trying without having installed the BSD System first.

It looks like this is a common problem with many apps, more so as easier jailbreak methods are available that do not require the user to ssh into his iPhone or install any low-level command line tools.

Other than avoiding the frustration of new users, this new release does not add any new features. We have spent the last few weeks completely focused on the release of a fully 64-bit and Leopard compatible version of Xslimmer, which is an intermediate release before we finish the beta-testing and localization of what will become Xslimmer 1.5.

PS: Sketches works on your iPod Touch, too.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Xslimmer 1.2.6 is Out

Featuring support for 64-bit binaries in Leopard, we released a new version of Xslimmer yesterday. Xslimmer will now correctly recognize Universal Binaries that contain 64-bit code. It will keep the 64-bit version of the binary on 64-bit capable machines running Leopard, or the 32-bit version otherwise. In addition, non-Mac architectures are now correctly identified. The release notes are available in our download page.

If you use Time Machine, please exclude the Time Machine backup path in Xslimmer preferences. Even though Xslimmer will not slim Time Machine backup apps, it will analyze them when the Genie is launched, resulting in an overall performance decrease. To avoid this, simply exclude that TM path. A future Xslimmer release will automatically detect and exclude Time Machine folders.

This release is not to be confused with the one for which we are now in betatest period. We just borrowed some of its features, to ensure that Leopard was fully supported.

Enjoy Xslimmer and Leopard!