Saturday, February 02, 2008

Xslimmer 1.5 is Out!

It has taken us more than expected, but Xslimmer 1.5 is finally out.

Initially we intended to release this version along with Leopard, but we changed our strategy along the way. Feedback received from our testers and some difficulties in getting localizations recommended to dedicate some more time to this version. At the same time, we did not want to delay full Leopard compatibility, so we decided to add Leopard functionalities (code signing support, time machine exclusion, and others) to the 1.2 development line, while continuing to work on 1.5 at the same time.

Shortly after our initial Leopard-compatibility release we started to work on the preparation of the Christmas promotions we chose to take part in: MacUpdate bundle, and MacHeist II (as a loot for Mission 4). They both have been a success, and we have managed to get Xslimmer into the hands of many more customers.

The wait is now over. Thanks very much to all testers and to all our customers for your patience. We hope you enjoy this release, and that you see a lot of your suggestions covered by it.


Anonymous said...

Great news!
Just launched the new version - it's a beauty...
Thanks for that!

Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Gracias! Os prometo que me metia todos los dias en el blog para ver si estaba la nueva version. Esta es la app MAS IMPRESCINDIBLE que tnego en mi mac. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work. It looks lovely... I like the iTunes-like progress display at the top, nice touch.

Keep up the good work (over 6gb saved for me so far.)

Unknown said...

Is there a version history available?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll offer a special upgrade option for MacHeist customers?

I know... I know... I get something for free and I still want more!

Pedro said...

@geoff - The nice guys at iusethis keep most of our historical release notes for us:

@nik - We don't have an upgrade option at this time. If we decide to do it in the future, we'll post it here.

Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Release,

Tiny Bug: When you're using Genie, the Quick Actions button turns into a Remove button towards the bottom, looks very weird.