Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Text, Sketches, Soon!

We have received a good number of requests about adding text to Sketches. We are working on it, here is a sample:

It will take a some more days to get all the details finished and done correctly, but we are getting there!

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Anonymous said...

Using the communication form at, I cannot get it to accept my comment. I used the word verification at least a dozen and a half times and whether with a space or tab in between the words or without, it continually told me "Oops, the captcha was not entered correctly. Please try again." I give up!

What I was trying to say was:
An observation: It would be a nice feature for this program to offer users an "erase" feature that is discriminatory in nature and would cover ALL canvases, including pictures taken. Giving users a palette of brush tools (or like the current erase size choice) to accomplish this task would be nice also.

Thank you.


Bill Williams